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Kent & East Sussex Railway Company Limited
Annual General Meeting 2023
Notice of Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the 52nd Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held St Mildred’s Church, Church Road, Tenterden, Kent, on Saturday 4th November 2023 at 1.30 pm for the following purposes:

  1. To approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 12th November 2022.
  2. To receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Directors and the Audited Accounts for the year ended 31st October 2022. An abridged version of the Accounts is with this notice. Full versions are upon request from the Company Secretary by post e-mail and on the HOPS website. Requests for full versions of the Accounts and other Meeting documents including blank Proxy Forms should be sent to Tenterden Station FAO the Company Secretary or by e-mail to jcobbett@kesr.org.uk
  3. To authorise the Directors to appoint Auditors to the Company for the year ending 31st October 2023 and to fix their remuneration.
  4. To hold an election of Directors. Under the Articles of Association, Simon Marsh, Geoffrey Crouch, and Ian Legg retire but being eligible offer themselves for re-election. Other Nominations for the Board of Directors should be received not less than fourteen nor more than thirty clear days before the date of the meeting. Any nomination must be supported by six members who are entitled to vote, contain the details needed for Companies if elected, and a statement from the nominee that he or she would be prepared to serve. Nomination forms can be obtained from the Company Secretary.
  5. Safety Matters relating to the Railway.
  6. Any other formal business pre-notified to the Company Secretary.
  7. Following the completion of the formal business of the Meeting there will be the customary information session and open forum.


Only Annual Members, Life Members, Joint Life Members, Family Group Members over 18 years of age and Honorary Members of the Company are entitled to attend and vote at this meeting. (Joint Life Members and Family Group Members over 18 years of age have one vote only, to be exercised by the first name on the application form). Any such member may appoint a proxy to attend and, on a poll, to vote in his or her place. Forms of proxy are provided for the use of members who are unable to attend the meeting. A proxy need not be a member of the Company. To be valid, the instrument appointing a proxy and the Power of Attorney or other authority, if any, under which it is signed, or a notarily certified copy of that power, shall be deposited at the Registered Office of the Company not less than forty-eight hours before the start of the Meeting.

An audio recording may be made of the proceedings for the purposes of assisting the Company Secretaries to prepare the Meeting Minutes.

The KESR Meeting will be preceded by the Annual General Meetings of the following companies associated with the Kent and East Sussex Railway Limited and this document should be regarded as the formal Notice of these Meetings:

Tenterden Railway Company Limited at 10.30am
Colonel Stephens Railway Enterprises Limited at 11am
Robertsbridge 20/20 Limited at 11,30am
6619 Limited at 12.00pm

Copies of the Accounts and other Meeting papers are available upon request by email or in printed form by post for the shareholders and directors of these companies upon request from the Company Secretary.

By Order of the Board

John Cobbett
Company Secretary,
Kent & East Sussex Railway Ltd.,
Tenterden Town Station,
TN30 6HE

E-Mail: jcobbett@kesr.org.uk
July 2023


Copies of this notice were sent to Members with the Summer 2023 edition of 'The Tenterden Terrier' in July 2023


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