Tenterden - Northiam - Bodiam
Kent & East Sussex Railway


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We are excited to be working with Great Kentspectations 

for our second STEAMPUNK event on

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2024

Traders and Displays will be at Tenterden and Bodiam Stations



Come join the fun and splendid madness at the K&ESR Steampunk Weekend!

What is Steampunk?

In a sentence, Steampunk is Victorian Science fiction bought to life!

Imagine the fascinating works of H.G. Wells mixed with favourite fandoms like Doctor Who bought together with a splendidly quirky pseudo-Victorian wardrobe.

The phrase "Steampunk" was founded in 1987 by K.W. Jeter, a fantasy, and science fiction author, with idea being a fictional future World built from the Victorian Industrial age, an alternate history filled with technologies, mechanical marvels and fantastical inventions utilising the power of Steam. As time has passed the Steampunk movement has evolved and grown into an amazing community of Splendid people who love exploring the genre with fashion, literature, movies, music, games, and hobbies.
Often recognised by our Top Hats and Goggles we express ourselves through of love of Steampunk combining the Victorian, fantasy styles with our hobbies, occupations, and passions with a joint love CAKE!
As much as Steampunk is about the Aesthetic and imagery, a huge part of Steampunk is about being Splendid to one another, embracing our diverse communities and having lots of silly fun together. We do our best to spread our good cheer and invite everyone to get involved.
Try your hand at Tea Duelling (competitive biscuit dunking) and learn all about Familiar Flinging, explore the Steampunk stalls, enjoy a pot of tea and CAKE at Bodiam Station, there will be lots to see and do!


Nadia Cantastorie is a multimedia storyteller. She blends the charm of the past with the vision of the future, through comics, films, and live acts.
Nadia brings to life the character of AI2-AN, a time-traveling cyborg forged in the workshops of Mudfog. AI2-AN stands as a singular creation, the first and only of its kind with a human heart. Journeying across epochs and realms, AI2-AN delves into the intricacies of the human spirit, transmuting raw data into musical tales that resonate deeply with all who listen.






Laura brings a feeling of nostalgia with her magical mix of songs from fantasy films/series/games. With medleys from “Lord of the Rings”, “Skyrim” and “The Witcher” and many more!











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