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Changing online catering availability

Where we offer catering products as an upsell to a travel ticket, we may wish to cease selling the upsell for a number of reasons.

Availability of the upsell is managed by use of 'Calendar Periods' in MStore. Go to

Setup - Bookings - Calendar Periods



For scheduled public departure A set catering products, such as Cream Teas, Ploughman's etc, select the 'Online Catering Available' calendar in the dropdown list. Then click the date(s) on which you wish to cease offering food and click 'Unselect', then 'Apply'


If it's a Real Ale train you wish to cease further food offers, select the 'Real Ale Train Catering Available' calendar and perform the same actions

For a Cider Train, it's 'Cider Catering Available'

That action will have removed the availability of food, but that means when the customer arrives at the page that normally offers the food options, they will be presented with a blank screen.

So to be a little more user friendly, we now need to ADD the date(s) we have just removed in a different calendar.

Click on the dropdown list and this time select 'No catering available' (typing an N will search for calendars beginning with 'N')

or 'Real Ale Train No Catering Available'

or 'Cider No Catering Available'


Click the date(s) again and click 'Select', then 'Apply'

It's always best to test that your actions have had the effect you were seeking - try making a booking via the website as if you were a customer!