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Altering a price

You can search for the item you wish to edit in a number of ways, but we'll look for it here by searching for either it's code (eg the barcode) or its description by navigating to 'Price Lookup Index'


To search for a product that contains the word 'Senior' for example, type '%senior' (without the inverted commas). The % symbol acts as a wild card, seeking out any descriptions that contain the word 'senior'

We could also search in the field immediately above, using the barcode.

Having identified your particular item, double click to edit it. The current price (£24.50) has been highlighted in yellow in this example. Click 'Current Pricing' then 'View/Add Price' to edit the price


In the example shown below, there are many changes of price - this item has 'Pensioners Treat' prices offered on certain (weekday) dates, but standard prices and enhanced prices apply during other periods


The inhouse price applies at the Booking Office hatch & via the backoffice for phone bookings. The lesser online price is also ringed.

The example shows a highlighted price valid from 00:00 on 13th June to 23:59 on the 14th June i.e. two days

It's worth noting that, if a price period ends and there's not immediately a new price - i.e. there's a gap in the dates - the product cannot be sold as there's no valid price in force.

Also, note that a price of £0.00 is a valid price - the item will be free of charge!

To set a new price, click the 'New' icon and enter the inhouse and internet prices, then use the calendar to select the dates that you want the price to be applied.


If you're introducing a cheaper price in the middle of an existing period, you can setup the new price before altering the dates of the existing price.

So if for example you have an existing price that runs from 1st to 31st August, but you want to offer a different price for one day on the 15th August, you can create the new price, valid from 00:00 on 15th to 23:59 on 15th, before altering the existing 1st to 31st August dates. You'll then need to alter the previous end date of 31st August to the 14th August AND create another new price period running from 16th to 31st August.