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New Volunteer Accommodation at Tenterden

New volunteer overnight accommodation will be available at Tenterden for use from Monday 2nd July 2018

A great deal of effort and resource has been made in providing this facility. It follows that keeping it secure and in good condition is essential. The terms and conditions of use are outlined below and, by making a booking, you indicate your agreement to these T&C’s.

What is available?

  • Six single rooms with a single bed with mattress and mattress cover, double glazed window with blackout curtains, lights and a hanging rail. A separate thermostatically controlled heater is fitted in each room. Each room has individual locks for personal security.
  • Two shower/toilets with wash basins are provided. These are not intended to replace workshop showers for removing the majority of work related oil and dirt.
  • Two kitchens with fridge, microwave oven, toaster, kettle, a reasonable range of cutlery, crockery and kitchenware plus table and chairs.
  • Smoke detection alarms and emergency lighting are fitted throughout.
  • WiFi is available for general use - email, social media & basic web browsing. It is not suitable for high bandwidth services such as online TV.
  • Rooms are available from 16:00hrs until 11:30hrs on the day of departure.

Who is eligible to book overnight accommodation?

  • Working volunteers over 18 years of age, for the night before and night after a turn of duty.
  • Working volunteers over 18 years of age staying over for longer periods e.g. 3+ days may also stay on their Rest Day(s)
  • Booking will be on a first come first served basis and must be pre-paid at the time of booking
  • Please advise us promptly if you no longer require a room so that others are not unnecessarily refused accommodation. Call 01580 765155 for assistance.
  • Bookings may be rescheduled where requested at least 24 hours prior to your booked arrival. A small administration fee may be charged.
  • Bookings cannot be rescheduled within 24 hours of your booked arrival.
  • On arrival, your room keys can be collected from a coded key box situated in the messroom at the rear of the Buffet - the messroom can be accessed by a standard ‘Operating’ or ‘Mess Room’ key. The code to open the key box will be emailed to you with your room booking receipt.

How much does it cost?

  • There is an initial £20 deposit to cover key loss & registration. This deposit will be refunded to you should you no longer wish to use the accommodation on a regular basis.
  • Booking Fees of £5.00 per night are used to fund heating, lighting, cleaning materials, maintenance and future refurbishment.
  • The maximum continuous stay will be seven nights except by prior arrangement with your Manager.

Terms and Conditions of use:

Common sense and mutual respect for our accommodation, each other, our neighbours and our customers should ensure there is no need for excessive rules and regulations.

Making a booking indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

  • Dirty clothing, overalls and boots must not be worn in the accommodation.
  • No personal belongings or food (tinned or otherwise) may be left between stays.
  • Mess room drink supplies should not be taken into accommodation kitchens.
  • Users must maintain their room in a clean & tidy state at all times. The kitchen and toilet/shower should be cleaned after each use. Cleaning materials are be provided.
  • Rubbish must be placed in bins. Full bins or food waste must be promptly emptied into the wheelie bins.
  • Users must provide their own bed linen, pillows and towels/toiletries and remove same at the end of each stay.
  • Use of WiFi is in accordance with Company policy.
  • Keys must be returned at the end of each period.
  • Any breakages/defects must be immediately reported to your Manager.
  • Accommodation users do not have the right to invite other people to enter or use this accommodation. On leaving the accommodation doors must be locked.
  • Accommodation may be refused to individuals who fail to follow these simple terms and conditions or behave in an inappropriate manner.
  • Smoking, including vapes, is not permitted in or around the accommodation units.
  • Any unreasonable behaviour will have a “one strike and you’re out” penalty imposed.
  • On your day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 11:30hrs and all keys immediately returned to the key safe.

How to register

  • Before making a booking, a £20 key loss deposit & registration is required. Deposits are specific to individuals and cannot be transferred. The deposit will be returned if you no longer wish to make use of the accommodation.
  • Click HERE to register (opens in a new page). When your deposit is received, you will receive a unique personal ‘membership’ number by email. This membership number is required on each occasion that you make a room booking.

How to make a room booking

  • Select your arrival day in the calendar HERE - blue coloured dates have at least one room available. No colour means no rooms are available.
  • Select the quantity of rooms required from the dropdown. There are up to six rooms available per night. Note that arrival times are shown as 16:00hrs to 23:59. Rooms must be vacated by 11:30hrs on the day of departure.
  • Click 'Add to basket'
  • If you wish to add further nights stay, click ‘Continue shopping’ and repeat the above process.
  • When you have added all the required rooms/dates, enter your 'membership' number (that you received by email following the registration process above, NOT your K&ESR membership number) in the field adjacent to the date and click 'Validate' - note that if you're booking several dates at once, you'll need to validate each date.
  • Proceed to the checkout.
  • Note that the personal details entered in the checkout process must match your deposit registration details
  • Your booking confirmation, containing the code to the key safe, will be emailed to you automatically.
  • Should you encounter a problem, contact the Booking Office on 01580 765155 or email [email protected] Emergency information is shown on kitchen noticeboards.

Welcome aboard!

Thank you for becoming a member of the Kent & East Sussex Railway. I hope that you will enjoy your involvement for many years to come.

Your support as a member helps to keep the Railway running on a day to day basis. However, there are many other ways that you can contribute to the Railway’s long term success:

• Volunteering – there are many jobs that need to be done, ranging from those that require training to many that need no specialist knowledge. Please look at the website for more information:

• Donations – these can be one-off or a regular payment, and can be made with Gift Aid for extra value (UK taxpayers only)

• Affiliate organisations – these are in the KESR family, but independently run. Please contact them directly:

• Legacies – if you would like to leave the Railway money in your will for future generations to continue to enjoy the Railway, then please look at this page on our website:


Don’t forget members get:

• Three free all-day TravelCard tickets each year
• A discount at the bookshop and at the Station Refreshment Rooms at Tenterden
• Coopies of our house magazine "The Tenterden Terrier"
• Discounted entry to Bodiam castle
• A chance to contribute to the success of the Kent & East Sussex Railway!

Please download a copy of our Articles of Association (these are the rules of the Company and set out your rights and obligations), then complete the form below to acknowledge your acceptance. As a member you can also subscribe to receive our regular members-only e-Newsletter: the subscription link is revealed after completing the form below. 

If you have any quesries regarding your membership subscription or you wish to amend your contact details, our membership secretaries can be reached at [email protected]

I look forward to seeing you on the Railway.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Legg


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The Evacuation Experience 2018

A kinaesthetic experience for schools.

Materials for Teachers for 2018


Evacuees web Tenterden Junior School

On this page are the links to all the resources you need for the 2018 Evacuation Experience which includes files updated from previous years.  

The Evacuation labels and Gas Mask template are included for reference.  

Whether this is your first visit to the Experience or you are an "old hand" the notes below should help you.

You need to:

1.  Print out a Children's Activity Book for each child (4 pages) so they can bring it with them, preferably on a clipboard.  Also the Signalling Activity (child) sheet for each child.

2. Print out an evacuation luggage label for each child; red ones for children who should not be photographed and brown for the rest.  These need to be worn on the day - they were a legal requirement during WW2.

3.  Print out the gas mask template so each child can make their own in class to bring with them on the day.

4.  Encourage your children to come dressed in 1940s costume.  90% did so last year!

5.  Read the Spivs information to your class before they meet Viv as he has his own timetable "slot" again this year.

On the day each lead teacher for each school will be given an information folder which will contain your timetable for the day, an activity checklist so your party's adults can tick off each activity as the children do it, a crammed carriage script and supply of ID cards based on the numbers submitted when booking.  Your Identity Card also represents your Pass to Travel for the exact number of children and adults that you have booked.

Finally we would like to remind you that schools booked to take the first train (10:40) need to arrive by 10:15 to be sure of catching it.  Due to the fact that there are three timetabled activities this year, flexibility is almost zero as changing your train would interfere with other schools' timetabled activities.

We look forward to welcoming you in May.

If you have any queries concerning the materials provided or the experience please contact our Product & Reservations Manager Helen Douglas at [email protected]